Caritas Family Service - Preschool Service

Caritas Family Service - Preschool Service

- Support parents building Parent Child Bonding

- Nurture children’s Positive Character and Moral Building


A workshop on services for preschoolers has been held on 22 Jan 2018. Educational Psychologist and 27 Colleagues from 8 Caritas Integrated Family Service Center and Rehabilitation Service have made joint effort to optimize services to support parents of preschoolers and promote positive well being of children.

Sharing Content:

1. Caritas VMV in children service: Legacy, Current Practice and Outlook.

2. Sharing on the relationship between parent-child bonding, attachment quality, positive psychology and character building for children at pre-school age and their life-long implications on human development. 

3. Sharing on multi-intervention approaches in bringing better parent-child bonding and character building in Caritas IFSCs:

² Character and Moral Building Approach

In-depth sharing by the Character Strengths Project "愛德喜計劃"

² Public Health Approach

Sharing of the use of Sensory Integration Parent Programme

² Multiple Intelligence Approach

   Sharing of the use of Music and other means in a P-C playgroup

² Family Plant-based Science and Arts approach

Sharing of the use of Horticulture in a Parent-child group

4. Sharing on the use of Play in Trauma Treatment for preschoolers



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