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Special Education

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Founded to manifest the love of Jesus Christ, Special Education Service provides student-centred and all-rounded education and rehabilitation programmes to the students with special educational needs for professional and quality services.  It aims at realizing their multiple capabilities and facilitating their growth of body, mind and spirit by school-parent collaboration.  The ultimate goal is to nurture their character and civic responsibilities, lead a whole-person development, a dignified living and quality life.  It strives to rally community support so as to build a caring and loving society.


Our schools include:

  • Three special schools for students with severe intellectual disabilities
  • Two special schools for students with moderate intellectual disabilities
  • Two special schools for students with social development difficulties


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Our staff teams have been working solidly for the education and development of individual students by providing them with stimulating environments, inspiring curricula and nourishing activities.  Our students do love and enjoy the learning process, and are able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in different life situations.  All in all, our students and staff teams learn and grow together reciprocally.