Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary
Message from the Chief Executive
Chief Executive

Having served the Hong Kong community for 70 years, Caritas has had many accomplishments, broken new ground and gained invaluable experiences. Needless to say, we have also faced numerous challenges and setbacks along the way. To continue our good work, we must pass on our predecessor’s faith and keep the torch alight.


First and foremost, we should draw lessons from history and affirm our aspirations with our beliefs. Our mission is and will always be to “help the underprivileged and the vulnerable, encourage people to actualise their potential, promote mutual understanding and reconciliation, as well as nurture a spirit of offering back to the community from which the people have benefited”. In this ever-changing world, we will keep learning and making progress to maintain good governance by adhering to our core principles and embracing differences.


History does not necessarily repeat itself. But it does allow us to look back on the past and reflect with cool detachment. More importantly, history helps us stay grounded, learn from mistakes and face future problems. 


We do not have a crystal ball to help us see what is to come. Yet the actual circumstances are more than clear: there will be enormous challenges ahead in our work and service.


As members of Caritas, we need to assume our rightful responsibility and walk together to grow in times of adversity. When encountering problems, we should stay calm and act patiently. What’s more, thinking holistically and upholding our faith in God and humanity will fill with positive energy and optimism about the future.


Whether as individual members or the Caritas family as a whole, we cannot avoid blind spots. So, in serving others, we need to stay alert and cultivate a keen sense of discernment, so that we can identify the roots of the problems and seek solutions accordingly. Coupled with a humble heart and a reflective mind, we will not lose sight of the big picture or feel frustrated at work.     


At this juncture in our history, Caritas must rejuvenate its beliefs and values in order to march forward with sustainability. Assigning duties to the right persons, nurturing a selfless spirit among our staff, setting clear priorities, as well as fostering a lifelong passion for learning are important to help us go a long way. As the old saying goes: like rowing a boat against the current, you will fall behind once you stop moving forward. If we indulge in our customary ways, we shall fail to keep pace with the times and miss valuable opportunities for growth.


Last but not least, in welcoming the 70th anniversary of Caritas, we must be thankful for the immense effort of our predecessors and build on their success, going from strength to strength. With the guiding light of God, the Caritas family will continue to bloom and flourish in its service to the Hong Kong community under the motto of “Love in the Service of Hope”. 


Rev Joseph T.L. Yim

Chief Executive

Caritas – Hong Kong

Walking Together with Love

Lighting up the Future with Hope