Pre-school Education

Pre-school EducationPre-school EducationWith the objective of cultivating the full development of children regardless of their social background, the Caritas Pre-school Education Service provides full-day and half-day care and education for children aged three to six.

Two kindergartens are operated with a total capacity of 220 students. Through the setting up of Pre-school Education Material Reference Centre and two Parent-child Resource Centres, Pre-school Education Service encourage parents to take a more enlightened and caring approach to child development through parental involvement in parent-teacher associations and parent-child activities.


At the forefront of raising the quality of Pre-school Education Service, the Early Childhood Education Material Reference Centre conducts regular courses and workshops for staff and parents.



  • To foster the balanced development of young children in social, intellectual, physical, moral, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of life with God's love.
  • To provide early childhood education to children aged 3-6 from the low-income, single-parent or working parents families.
  • To advocate the concept of learning through play and initiate child-centered learning in order to develop young children's initiatives in learning, good living habits, self-confidence, abilities in self discipline and problem-solving, and adjustment to changing environment.
  • To foster parent-child relationship and to enhance parent-school collaboration.



  • Pre-school EducationEPre-school Educationstablished the first kindergarten in 1968
  • Advocated the child-oriented teaching modes of Small Group Learning and Activity Approach in 1970
  • Established a Pre-school Education Material Reference Centre in 1971 to advocate child-centred early education philosophy
  • Initiated the Children Month and the Love and Care Campaign to nurture the moral education of young children in 1978
  • Implemented the adaptation programme for newly-enrolled children, children promoted to higher class and primary schools in 1980
  • Commenced Integrated Programme Service for Mildly Disabled Children in Kindergartens in 1985
  • Opened Parent-Child Resource Centre and studied and implemented advanced teaching approaches in 1990 including children creative thinking approach, situational approach and whole language approach
  • The 'Journey in Story' project was approved by the Quality Education Fund in 1999
    The 'Mysterious Computer through The Eyes of Children' project was approved by the Quality Education Fund in 1999.
  • Caritas St. Francis Kindergarten was invited to participate in the "Schools Professional Collaboration Project" and nominated as one of the "Resource School" by Education and Manpower Bureau in 2002-2004
  • Published 4 children rhymes books that describing 12 animals in Chinese Zodiac in 2003
  • Continued to use authentic assessment and "Children Learning Portfolio" to record and evaluate children's learning progress in 2004
  • Provide 'CATERP' (Children Advanced Talent and Education Related Programme) in 2006
    Caritas St Francis Kindergarten and Caritas Ling Yuet Sin Kindergarten joined the Pre-school Education Voucher Scheme in 2007
  • The two kindergartens underwent the Quality Review conducted by the Education Bureau in 2008 and will be eligible for redeeming voucher continuously after 2012-13
  • Caritas Ling Yuet Sin Kindergarten was awarded the Certificate of Merit, Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2009
  • Continued to promote the 4E's (Enquiry, Expression, Exploration and Experience) learning strategies in nurturing children's creative thought, to extend the school culture of love and care, and to collaborate closely with families and the community for providing a “child-centred and family-focussed” quality early childhood education service in 2013
  • Joint-school Parent-child Interactive Dramas “Love and Harmony” and “The World is Full of Love” were performed in 2014 and 2015 respectively in advocating the harmonious relationships in families
  • 2 Caritas Kindergartens joined the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme in 2017