Camp Services

Camp ServicesCamp Services operates four camps(Caritas Jockey Club Ming Fai Camp , Caritas Jockey Club Siu Tong Camp , Caritas Oi Fai Camp and Caritas Ka Fai House) in Hong Kong. Each is designed to give an experience of living in a setting that is as close as possible to nature. The goal is to provide campers an experience that enhances the physical, mental and social well-being through indoor and outdoor social, recreational, educational and other leisure activities.

Catering to children, youth, families and groups, the camps are open to the public and attract over 60,000 people each year.

Facilities include basketball, badminton, archery, air-soft shooting, stellar observation, table tennis, rope course, canoeing, swimming pool and billiards.

The camps also conduct outdoor education, recreational, and training programmes with special themes.



  • To provide a non-profit service to all members of the public
  • To enhance the physical, mental and social well-being of all participants



  • All subvented camps attained target utilisation rate set by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
  • To upgrade services to the community, Caritas Jockey Club Ming Fai Camp and Caritas Jockey Club Siu Tong Camp completed re-construction and redevelopment to satisfy users' expectations
  • All the camps are permitted by the Home Affairs Department as Licensed Holiday Camps.
  • Recording highest number of bookings for their 5 days/4 nights Primary School. Outdoor Education Camp Scheme in recent years
  • To promote environment protection, renewable energy systems are installed for operation and educational programmes



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