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Youth and Community Service has been established to serve children, young people and the community. A range of services are provided: Community Centre, Integrated Children and Youth Services Centre, District Youth Outreaching Service, Children and Youth Centre, Residential Service, Stationing School Social Work Service at secondary and primary schools, supportive service for schools, Counselling Centre for Psychotropic Substance Abusers, a network of Libraries and Study Rooms, After School Care Programmes.



The Service aims to promote integral human development of young people and communities through the process of understanding, concern, participation and co-responsibility.


The development process encourages a sense of individual and communal responsibility for the promotion of mutual care and social integration.


AchievementsEach year, more than 37,000 individuals register as members of our Centres. More than 800 developmental groups for children, youth, parents and community have been conducted. A total attendance of 1,450,000 is recorded for all programmes. Counselling service is provided to 6,300 young people to promote their emotional and personal development. About 400 children are served by the After School Care Programmes while more than 6,500 volunteers have been involved in organising community care and social concern projects.


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The Service has launched tailor-made services for the deprived and disadvantaged :


  • Out-reach projects for young drug abusers and disco-goers
  • Vocational skills training & bulk purchase services for deprived groups and low income families
  • Integration projects and mutual help link for the disabled and people with mental illness
  • Out-reach and support service for the elderly living alone
  • Support services to ethnic minorities
  • Launch community economy projects and environmental protection recycle projects
  • Provide refurnished computers and free repair service for deprived students and families
  • Supportive service for students with special educational needs
  • Identify high-risk youth on the internet and organize supportive service for them
  • Adolescent emotional health service