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Music performanceCaritas Rehabilitation Service was established in August 1976. Throughout the years, Caritas Rehabilitation Service developed a full range of service types that cater to the need of persons with intellectual disabilities at different ages. In 2004, we started providing residential care, vocational rehabilitation services and community-based support programmes for persons with mental illness. At present, Caritas Rehabilitation Service operates 31 service units, 18 supportive service programmes and 4 projects on vocational rehabilitation training, providing comprehensive care for more than 12,500 persons with intellectual disabilities, persons with mental illness and their families. The Service is also dedicated in promoting social integration in the community.


Rehabilitation Service


ObjectivesTo provide comprehensive and effective rehabilitation training programmes, sheltered work, residential care, vocational guidance, social and recreational activities for disabled young children and adults with intellectual or mental disabilities. These programmes endeavour to develop their potentials and personal growth for more self-reliance and for fuller participation in community living.

To provide counseling and supportive services for the parents, carers and family members of people with disabilities. The purpose is to foster mutual support among themselves for actualization of individual roles and empowerment of family functioning.

To enhance public understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities through community education programmes so as to realize an integrated community.


CommencementTwo Integrated Community Centres for Mental Wellness have been set up called the Caritas Wellness Link – Tsuen Wan and Caritas Wellness Link – North District. The Centres provide one-stop, district-based and accessible community support and social rehabilitation services for discharged mental patients, persons with suspected mental health problems, their families / carers and residents living in the serving districts.


Through successful bidding, the Caritas Cheer Home was set up at Cheung Sha Wan Estate. It consists of a day activity centre cum hostel for 50 adults with severe intellectual disability and a supported hostel for 20 adults with mild intellectual disability.


The On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Service Pilot Project was started to provide on-site early intervention to children in the networked kindergartens (KGs) and kindergarten-cum-child care centres (KG-cum-CCCs). The two multi-disciplinary service teams of the Pilot will also provide professional advice for kindergarten teachers/ child care workers to assist them in working with children with special needs, and render support to the parents to enhance their efficacy in raising their children with special needs.


With the generous support of different charities, new projects are established to cater for the emerging needs of people with disabilities and their carers are including:


  • Holistic Support for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Families
  • Little Angel Project – A Supportive and Developmental Project for Children of Parents with Mental Illness
  • "Hope in Love" - Professional Support Project for Families with ASD Children
  • Peers and Family Peers Project - Support Project for Persons with Mental Illness and their Family Members
  • Professional Support Services for Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders and their Families
  • 3H Hub