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Caritas Information Technology Advancement CentreMeetingCaritas Information Technology Advancement Centre (CITAC) was founded in 2001 and is the I.T. arms of Caritas Hong Kong. It provides services to Caritas Hong Kong, Hong Kong Diocese and the Hong Kong community. The aim of CITAC is to provide effective and efficient I.T. solutions for our clients so as to enhance their productivity and competitiveness in this information era.

CITAC has developed numerous I.T. systems over the years. For Caritas Hong Kong, CITAC has launched the Campus Information System (eCIS), the elderly centre management system (eCare), the rehabilitation service management system (eCRSMS), the Lai King Mental Rehabilitation Centre Care System (eRehab) and the hospitality service online booking system (ebooking), etc. As for Hong Kong Diocese, CITAC has launched the Catholic Family Registration System (CFRS), the Hong Kong Diocese system (HKD) and the Catholic Cemetery System (CCS). CITAC is also responsible for the servers and network infrastructure as well as the daily I.T. operations of the Diocese.



Caritas Information Technology Advancement CentreCITAC is also providing solutions to SMEs, NGOs, Schools and private hospitals. These solutions include the online information platform (eGarden) for information despatch for auxiliary medical service and civil aid service of the Hong Kong SAR Government. Other program development also include the 360 appraisal system, membership and examination system, the online registration system, and the real-time injury reporting system, etc.

In recent years, CITAC has developed two hospital information systems (eCHIS and ePBHIS) for the Canossa Hospital (Caritas) and the Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas). The two systems are now the backbones of the clinical and administrative operations of the two hospitals. Both systems are connected to the government initiated electronic health record sharing system (eHRSS) and is ready for continuous development.


Our eCare – elderly home management system has won numerous awards including the HKICT Award, the Asia Pacific ICT Award, the Stockholm Challenge Award and the HK Council of Social service Gold Award. It is now widely subscribed by over 80 elderly homes in Hong Kong. Our eCare is now capable of connecting wireless medical devices for instant information exchange to reduce human error and to provide home care services in order to allow more time for high quality elderly care.


Towards the Future / AspirationCITAC endeavors to uphold the motto of Caritas: “Love in the service of Hope” aming to provide high quality IT services for the benefit of all sectors of the community, and help create a better Hong Kong.


Where Are We

G/F., No.1 Kam Hon House, Choi Hung Estate, Kowloon.