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Outdoor activitySub Changes, whether political, economic or social, can affect the family unit. Be it rising divorce rate, reduction in the size of the family, higher employment rate among women, or dual career parents, these all contribute to a wide range of problems for the family unit.

Family Service assists individuals and families through a variety of programmes. These include Integrated Family Service Centres, Clinical Psychology Service, Family Aide, School Social Work Service, Counselling and Supportive Service for substance abusers and their family members, Residential Treatment Centre for Young Male Drug Abusers, Family Crisis Support Centre, Counselling Centre for Addicted Gamblers, Personal Growth Centre for Men, Trauma Treatment and Community Education Service and other special projects.


ObjectivesFamily Service aims to preserve and strengthen the family as a unit through these initiatives :


  • To improve the ability of individuals and family members to deal with their problems
  • To improve the quality of life within the family unit


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  • Providing help every year for over 10,000 cases of individuals and families that have difficulties
  • Serving students in approximately 39 secondary schools and 18 primary schools and their family members
  • Enriching family lives through over 1,000 groups and programmes to serve about 50,000 participants
  • Supporting over 10,000 children and adults annually through two hotlines to cope with extra-marital affairs in their families
  • Providing support and counselling to over 20,000 callers faced with emotional / family crisis through the 24-hour crisis support hotline.
  • Providing short-term time-out accommodation to over 800 individuals and families to help them work through their crises every year.
  • Providing treatment and support to over 700 family members faced with problems arising from substance abuse
  • Provided a range of specialized projects, including community support programme for sex offenders, sex therapy service, treatment for victims of childhood trauma and mediation service, etc.
  • Supporting over 5,000 individuals and families annually faced with gambling problems through hotline service, and providing face-to-face counselling service to about 400 individuals and their families annually