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Love in the Service of Hope

Self Photos / Files - 2-2-1-1Caritas–Hong Kong (Caritas), the official social service agency of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong, has been established in Hong Kong for 67 years. Over the past few decades, Caritas evolved from an emergency relief welfare agency to a multi-service non-governmental organization catering for the needs of people from “womb to tomb”. Its special attention is directed to the needs and aspirations of the Last, the Least and the Lost within the community.


While fully affirming the continuing necessity and value of helping those in sudden need or in chronic destitution, the ultimate drive of Caritas is to enable people to develop themselves and to overcome the difficulties that life and circumstances have put in their way.


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People are viewed not as dependents who must be supported, but as brothers and sisters who need an opportunity to be fully themselves. In the diversity of services rendered to people from all walks of life, irrespective of their race, sex, religion or ideology, Caritas aims at overcoming divisions among human beings, eliminating structures of injustice and selfishness, opening channels of communication, creating attitudes of compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation and brotherhood / sisterhood.