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Canossa Hospital (Caritas)
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Self Photos / Files - 5-1-2-enCanossa Hospital was founded by the Canossian Daughters of Charity in 1929. Caritas – Hong Kong has been entrusted with the administration of the hospital since 1992. An extension project including building the new block and various major renovation works was completed in 2016. In the meantime, several advanced medical equipments have been equipped to deliver the 24-hour general out-patient services and in-patient services.

Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas)
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Self Photos / Files - 5-1-3-enIn 1937, the Sisters of the Precious Blood founded the Precious Blood Hospital to deliver the primary medical care to the community at Shamshuipo. The hospital has become part of the family of Caritas – Hong Kong 1993.

Caritas Medical Centre
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Self Photos / Files - 5-1-1-enCaritas Medical Centre was established by Caritas – Hong Kong in 1964. The management of the hospital including the daily operation has been taken over to the Hospital Authority since 1992. Caritas – Hong Kong participates in the Hospital Governing Committee and various sub-committees. With the completion of redevelopment projects, the new Wai Shun Block and Wai Ming Block have been in operation.