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Press conferenceCaritas Community Development Service has been established to provide assistance to people at grassroots level i.e. those who are deprived, underprivileged or lack influence in the community.


The Service offer a range of services including the Neighborhood Level Community Development Projects and the Integrated Service Project which targets at the unemployed, single Parent Families, low-income labourers with body strain problems, men and women at grassroots level, people with mental health problems and Asian migrant workers.



The Community Development Service aims to encourage people to put their heads together in solving problems common to them, and to dedicate themselves to the development of a genuine human community through a continuous process of awareness, participation and sharing.


The participation process is intended to facilitate the promotion of understanding, mutual aid, respect and social integration among groups and in the community.


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Caritas is a pioneer in the organization of grassroots community work. It has served the community since the 1960s with a commitment to help the underprivileged.


Each year, the Service organizes nearly 100 resident groups to help tackling problems common to the people and mobilizes more than 243,500 people to participate in the community programs.


In response to the changing needs of the community, the following service projects have been continuously providing services:

  • 7 Neighborhood-level Community Development Project
  • Labour Development Project
  • Women Development Project
  • Mutual Aid Grassroots Centre for men
  • Asian Migrant Workers social service project
  • Development Project for Grassroots Organizations
  • Residents Mutual Help Centres in Sham Shui Po and Kwai Chung
  • Mutual Aid Centre for Single Parent Families
  • Early Identification and Promotion of Mental Health through Community-based Prevention Program for Individuals Struggling with Depressive Symptoms
  • Empowering the Capacity of Grassroots Labourer Reducing the body strain problems
  • City Farmer Organic Farm