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Setting up in 1986, Mainland Service Desk aims at fostering the social service in the mainland. Most of our project funds are supported by Hong Kong and overseas donors. Through continuous efforts, trust and understanding is well established with our mainland partners including civil administration departments and different working partners. Our funded projects are therefore implemented effectively with steady improvement.


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Target Group

  • Capable but less-resourceful Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  • Deprived individual and other underprivileged groups


ObjectivesWe adhere closely to Caritas' policy in providing services to help all in need, irrespective of race, cultural background and religious affiliation. Through the provision of wide range of social services as well as capacity building courses, and with the collaboration of the mainland partners including church communities, local governments and villagers, we hope that the living standard as well as the competitive power of the needy would gradually be improved.



  1. Training courses on different kind of social service
  2. Funding assistance on social service projects, including:
    • Education allowance to the poor primary, secondary and post-secondary school students.
    • Training subsidies to the staff working in the social service organisations.
    • Financial assistance to schools on reconstruction, extension or installation of basic facilities.
    • Subsidies to the poor and homeless old people.
    • Foster Parents Programme on the disabled children.
    • Financial assistance on basic medical facilities to rural clinics.
    • Financial assistance to remote mountain areas on water supply projects.
    • Financial support on life improvement projects (e.g. cultivation, handicraft etc.) to the deprived rural households.
  3. Emergency relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes for the disaster victims