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In Memory of the Late Bishop Michael Yeung

The Most Reverend Michael YEUNG Ming-cheung, our beloved former Chief Executive, passed away due to liver failure in Canossa (Caritas) Hospital at 1:30pm on 3 January 2019, aged 73.  


Bishop Yeung joined Caritas – Hong Kong in December 1990 as Director of Education Services; and was appointed the Deputy Chief Executive in March 2003. He was the Chief Executive of Caritas from August 2003 until 31 December 2014. With his capable leadership and remarkable foresight, Bishop Yeung made significant contributions to the development of the Agency including refining the Vision, Mission and Value (VMV) in face of new challenges and to suit the needs of the community.


We express our deep sorrow over the passing of Bishop Yeung and extend condolences to his family. We wish to pay tribute and extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bishop Yeung for his excellent stewardship in leading the team and for his selfless love and devotion. Every one of us will continue to serve the needy following the spirit of the VMV that Bishop Yeung had set “To help the underprivileged and the vulnerable  To encourage people to actualize their potential  To promote mutual understanding and reconciliation  To nurture a spirit of offering back to the community from which the people have benefited” .