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Report from Caritas – Hong Kong on the Support to Caritas Family in Fighting against COVID-19

In response to the Holy Father, Pope Francis' appeal for support in helping the most vulnerable and poorest during this pandemic and to get united and act in solidarity, Caritas – Hong Kong has provided the following support to the Caritas Family to fight against COVID-19 since March 2020:


1. Support to Italy

In view of the severe situation in Italy under the threat of COVID-19, an activity was organized by Caritas – Hong Kong in March 2020 to appeal for donation of anti-pandemic materials and money in support of Italy. The response was overwhelming and the donation received was allocated to the following organizations:


1.1 Caritas Internationalis

  • A total of 4 cartons of masks were sent to Caritas Internationalis. Small quantity of the masks were put aside for the use of the office of Caritas Internationalis where the rest were allocated through the Vatican Pharmacy for use in the medical services of the Holy See and Vatican City itself.


  • Two batches of donation, one for EUR 500,000 and another one for EUR 120,000, were made to Caritas Internationalis in support of the COVID-19 Response Fund. Caritas Internationalis has acknowledged receipt of the first batch of donation of EUR500,000.


1.2 Caritas Ambrosiana

  • About 400 cartons of masks, gloves, eye shields and protective gowns were donated to Caritas Ambrosiana. The anti-pandemic materials were distributed to its host communities, canteens, dormitories, emporiums and solidarity shops.


1.3 Caritas Italiana

  • A total of EUR 300,000 were donated to Caritas Italiana.


2. Support to Spain

A total of 15 cartons of masks and 20 cartons of protective gowns were donated to "Franciscanos de la Cruz Blanca" through the Spain Trade Commission in Hong Kong. The anti-pandemic materials were then distributed to the nursing homes and shelters across the country.


3. Support to Caritas Jerusalem

Two cartons of masks and USD20,000 were donated to Caritas Jerusalem.


4. Support to Africa

4.1 Caritas Klerksdorp, South Africa

  • Letter from the Bishop of Klerksdorp Diocese appealing for assistance in kind or cash was received. A total of USD15,000 were donated to Caritas Klerksdorp.


4.2 Ethiopia

  • USD8,000 were donated to Teklebirhan Yemataye Tesfa in Ethiopia (East Africa).


5. Support to Member Organizations in Caritas Asia

5.1 Three cartons of masks were sent to Caritas Mongolia. At its request, another batch of about 5 cartons of masks will be donated to them.


5.2 A total of 45 cartons of masks were donated to Caritas Indonesia.


5.3 A total of 15 cartons of masks were donated to Caritas Kazakhstan.


5.4 A total of USD4,000 were donated to Caritas Sri Lanka.


5.5 A total of USD5,000 were donated to Caritas India.