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Please continue to support "Caritas Charity Bazaars"

Last year, due to the continuous social activities, the format of the Bazaar was changed from traditional large scale to various small scale organized by individual parishes, schools and Caritas units. Although the income raised was dropped by 39% compared to 2018, Caritas was very grateful for the active participation of 157 units which had organized 313 mini-bazaars in different formats.


Given the fact that the current situation of COVID-19 is still unstable, it is believed that "Prohibition on Group Gathering" will continue for some time. For the sake of safety, Caritas has decided to change the format of the bazaar again.  Instead of holding large scale bazaar, small scale bazaars or other innovative fundraising activities will be arranged. We trust that with your full support and generosity, we can collaborate together to assist the needy and the poor.


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