Services for the Elderly
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Services for the ElderlySince its establishment in 1979, Services for the Elderly has commissioned to provide various services to meet the multi-dimensional needs of elders and their carers. The services included Eldelry Centre, District Elderly Centre, Day Care Centre for the Elderly, Care & Attention Home, Nursing Home, Integrated Home Care Services, and Enhanced Home & Community Care Services.



  • To assist people aged 60 or above to maintain their quality of life and well-being.
  • To assist the elders to remain as an active member in the society through fostering their dignity and potential
  • To enhance inter-generational mutual understanding between the elders and people of other age groups
  • To provide caring service to frail elders who are lacking of care during daytime
  • To provide quality residential care service to meet the physical, psychological and social needs of the elders
  • To provide support services to carers of elders



  • Elderly ActivityDance performanceApart from government subvented services, Services for the Elderly also operates self-financed care & attention home and day care centre for the elderly to meet the needs of elders and their carers, as well as to fill the service gaps.


Every Year

  • Over 17,000 elders were being served through our community support services and residential services
  • Over 430,000 hot meals were provided to elders in need
  • Over 2,700 carers received our supportive services
  • Over 100 holders of Community Care Service roucher for the Elderly were served by 2 non-subvented day care centres


The following sevices were provided and organized each year

  • Over 5,300 social, developmental, recreational and volunteers groups were organized
  • Not less than 41,000 personal care services were provided to needy elders
  • More than 14,000 volunteers were trained and mobilized to serve the people in need