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Social Work Committee
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Caritas Medical Centre Hospital Governing Committee
Canossa Hospital (Caritas) Management Company Limited - Board of Directors
Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas) Hospital - Governing Committee
Hospitality Services Committee
Steering Group on Cooperation Between Caritas and Parishes
Mainland Services Committee



Prof. Lo Tit Wing


Rev. Joseph T. L. Yim
Rev. James Boey

Dr. Andrew P. C. Chan
Mr. Antonio Chu Lok Sang

Dr. Lee Chu Kee Angel

Ms. Lee Man Yee Anita

Mr. Stephen Li

Mr. Kennedy Liu

Prof. Terry Y.S. Lum

Prof. Joyce Ma Lai Chong, JP

Dr. Peter Tsoi Ting Kwok, JP

Ms. Annie Tam, GBS JP 

Secretary: Mr. Fredrick Lai