Local Services

Group photoLocal Services, as the extended executive arm of the Agency at the local level, play a crucial role in providing administrative support and coordinating services to enhancing collaboration amongst service units. Local Services also assist in fund raising activities and maintain close liaison between Caritas and parishes, Catholic schools and the community at large to foster and to promote a well-received caring image. Local Services also manage the janitorial services and facilitate the operations of the hostels as well as the Agency’s international liaison work.



  • To provide general administrative, building management and janitorial support to multi-service social centres, community halls and hostels; 
  • To promote, coordinate and support fund raising activities such as the Caritas Charity Bazaar, sale of Raffle Tickets and the Lenten Campaigns;
  • To maintain close links and enhance cooperation between Caritas, parishes and Diocesan schools / organizations;
  • To nurture Catholic values and the Caritas spirit in the community;
  • To represent Caritas – Hong Kong at international meetings;



Centre Management


  • Created service monitoring system to provide better quality services. Local Services also enhanced staff on aspects of emergency preparedness relating to centre safety and occupational safety. With the organising of a “Total Quality Service Enhancement Team”, training sessions were held periodically for both clerical and janitorial staff introducing aspects of environmental protection in property management since 2008;
  • Local Services has stepped up precautionary measures to minimize the adverse impact of heavy rains on the centre building. Regular building inspections before and after stormy weather have facilitated in safeguarding the protection of the building against unnecessary water seepage, leakage and flooding.
  • By applying funds from Hong Kong Government’s Energy Conservation Fund, Caritas Social Centres have installed energy save lighting system and air-conditioning system in order to reduce centres’ electricity usage and carbon emission.
  • An energy-saving guideline was circulated among staff of Local Service for implementation. Moreover, environmental-friendly practices are encouraged such as reducing waste, recycling of paper, ink cartridges etc.


Parish Liaison

  • Parish liaisonCommunicated with the Local Parish Liaison Teams for all deaneries, serving as a link between Caritas, parishes and Diocesan organizations;

 Fund Raising Activities

  • BazaarManaged the general operation of the annual Caritas Charity Bazaar in 6 locations and give support to other Caritas Fund Raising activities. Through the activities, relationships between parishes, Diocesan schools and catholic organizations were consolidated;