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Cooperation between Caritas and Parishes

Cooperation between Caritas and parishes is essential to ensure that charitable activities in all parishes are carried out systematically and remain sustainable. A three-pronged approach comprising a Steering Group On Cooperation Between Caritas And Parishes to promote optimum effectiveness in cooperation, liaison and communication for integral human development and community care.


  • To strengthen the synergy among personnel of Caritas, parishes and the diocese in response to social needs for the deprived in the community;
  • To respond promptly and provide timely assistance to meet parish needs;
  • To provide quality and sustainable social services;
  • To ensure that Catholic faith and charity is vivid in every parish;
  • To enhance cooperation and communication between pastoral and social services;


  • Addressed problems faced currently by society in partnership with the parishes;
  • Assisted the diocese, parishes or Caritas units to handle common issues through concerted and coordinated efforts;
  • Assisted in the establishment and development of the social concern groups in parishes;
  • Promoted volunteerism for social services and Caritas Fund Raising activities;
  • Conducted visits / exposure programmes to allow deaneries and parishes to have a deeper understanding on Caritas services;
  • Ensured all cases referred to Caritas through parishes received prompt attention;